Winter Sports

Winter weather shouldn’t mean a sentence of months of inactivity. Your favorite exercise and sports routines can still be done when the temperatures drop, you just may have to be aware of how your body will react to the lower temps and prepare accordingly.

Some easy things you can do to keep you physically warmer include wearing waterproof shoes so the snow and sleet are repelled, upgrade your socks to wool instead of the thinner cotton versions, dress in layers that will keep you warmer (start with a base layer that will keep you skin warm, then layer a breathable fabric that helps wick away sweat), ditch the gloves in favor of mittens where your fingers can help keep each other warmer, cover your head and ears, and if you’re out for extended periods of time make sure you are watching out for symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite especially on your extremities.

Cold weather can affect people at different rates for different reasons. Young children and older people are more likely affected. Children have less body mass than adults; therefore they have less ability to regulate their body temperature. At temperatures that are below-freezing, children can get frost bite quickly on exposed fingers, toes, noses and ears. Older people who may suffer from other ailments or illnesses (such as arthritis) can also suffer cold injuries more quickly than a healthy, younger adult.

Frostbite can get bad quickly. Frostbite is the actually freezing of our tissues, from skin to soft tissue, muscle or bone. Depending on the temperature and if there is exposed skin or body parts, frost bite can happen almost anywhere on the human body. Frostbite is measured in degree of stages. The longer your skin is exposed to the cold, the worse your frostbite is going to be. Severe cases can lead to amputation of affected areas so the rest of the body can remain healthy and unaffected.

Dress for Success
Dressing in layers so you can adjust your comfort level during your workout is a necessity during cold winter months. It is suggested to wear no more than four layers on your torso or upper body, while wearing no more than two layers on your lower body. Stay away from clingy cotton right next to your skin, because as you sweat, cotton will get wet and stay wet. The last thing you want to be is wet when you’re in near-freezing, or below, temps. Something synthetic that can wick away sweat is a great bottom layer. Then add to your layers with warm fleece or wool tops, and your outer layer should be something waterproof and breathable. Zippers and other things that make these layers easy to strip out of and put back on as your body temperature changes and adjusts is highly recommended as well.

If it is bitter cold outside, something between your mouth and the bitter air is recommended as well. A face mask or a scarf can help make the cold air more breathable without such a zap to your lungs as you breathe it in.

You could also consider changing from regular cotton socks to wool for some extra insulation on your susceptible toes. Dry, waterproof shoes or boots are also a necessity when playing winter sports. Mittens are better than gloves because they allow body heat to be kept by your fingers touching each other, and of course a hat is a must to help keep your body heat from leaving through the top of your head, as well as helping to cover your ears.

Sporting Gear
Appropriate sporting gear can help keep you safe with hazards only winter can bring. It is darker more of the time in winter months, so help combat a dark workout with reflective clothing. When enjoying winter motor sports such as snowmobiling, snowboarding and skiing, please consider using a helmet. If you’re going to be on your feet in wet and/or icy areas make sure your shoes or boots have excellent traction for the elements. If you’re going to be outdoors for long periods of time, you can help keep your feet warm by using chemical heat packs in your footwear, which can also be pulled out to warm your hands, if needed.

All in all, winter weather does not give you an excuse to stop working out or playing sports. You can have an enjoyable and effective workout if you know how to stay safe and warm during winter months.

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Winter Sports Travel Insurance

At this time of the year skiing is at the forefront of many of our minds but there’s always some concern about if the snowfall will be adequate. This year has seen a good fall of snow which was sorely required after last year’s poor showing.

By its nature, skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous and that is an element of the excitement and it isn’t unusual for a lot of accidents to happen each season regardless of the experience level of the person concerned. Owing to the character of skiing wounds, it’s important to make sure that you are correctly covered with a winter sports travel insurance plan and not just depend on standard travel insurance unless it mentions that skiing is catered for ( sometimes for novices and those that are intermediate ).

Insurance corporations that supply travel insurance know that beginner and intermediate skiers will more than likely be on a well patrolled slope if an accident does happen. It is the accidents that happen of the regular runs for those people who are way more experienced and need a bigger challenge to their skiing or snowboarding abilities. This is where the thoughtless can extremely quickly become unstuck and we’re not talking about the snow conditions so most winter sports travel insurance policies will have limitations when venturing from the regular runs. Conditions such as ‘only with a guide or ‘only inside a mentioned resort area’ are standard, so when looking for that adrenaline hit it is crucial to know what you’re getting yourself into first. With other kinds of skiing and snowboarding activities like ‘half pipes’ and ‘free style’, significant accidents are likely though they are becoming really popular .

To make certain you are correctly covered for these more extraordinary sports activities, it is necessary that winter sports travel insurance is got that offers protection to this level of activity. You will find your present travel insurance will cover you for winter sports but this can be limited and won’t cover certain activities you will be planning though plenty of companies will permit you to upgrade your travel insurance to incorporate winter sports that don’t fall in the policy.

You will find it less complicated simply to source an insurance supplier which has arranged a ‘bespoke’ winter sports package as this can provide everything you want without the worry of checking each detail of your present travel insurance. Wounds and accidents aside, a good winter sports insurance package will also provide remuneration should anything else unanticipated occur like the loss of skis or when the resort has been made to close.

The issues experienced with winter sports fans is when they are more experienced as regular travel insurance won’t cover them for the types of skiing they wish to enjoy but these are the areas where the expenses when accidents occur, mount up. Winter sports travel insurance is built to help if the worst occur but this can’t be done if you decide you don’t need the insurance cover and ignore common sense.

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Winter Sports for Everyone in Boyne Michigan

Winter sports enthusiasts are overjoyed when the Winter Solstice comes and brings with it think blankets of snow. There is a chill in the air and you can see your breath when you head outside to have fun in the snow. Mountain Run in Boyne, Michigan has all the winter sports you could ever wish for on a winter vacation. So throw on your coat and get all bundled up to explore this wintry paradise and embrace the cold and the snow and all the fun that it offers.

Boyne Mountain is the Midwest’s largest ski area and this means that it is brimming with life during the wintertime. If downhill skiing is one of your favorite winter sports then you are in luck as this area offers 14 different lifts and more than 50 trails encompassing all skill levels. If you cannot wait to hit the slopes then head out early for a Milk Run, or the first run of the day. For those just beginning to ski we recommend the bunny hill to get used to this exciting winter sport. Those more advanced skiers should try out the Super Bowl, an exhilarating black-diamond run. If you are looking for a bit less intense activity then try cross-country skiing. This is a great full body workout and it allows you to take in the beautiful surroundings at the same time. Boyne Mountain has 24 miles of trails for cross-country skiing and they even have 3 miles of trails for those looking to try out snowshoeing.

Not only is Boyne Mountain great for skiing the area offers a host of other great winter sports as well. Snow tubing is a very popular sport in the wintertime. You can rent tubes right at Mountain Run at Boyne and they even have handle tows to bring your tube back to the top for you. Snow tubing is great for everyone and it does not require any lessons or practicing to do it just hop on a tube and have some fun. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so let your feet lead the way or hop on head first. Any way that you chose to ride you are sure to have fun flying down the hill and gliding over the snow. If you are looking for something a little more thrill seeking then head to the Terrain Park and jump and glide around on a snowboard. The younger generation has really taken a liking to this extreme winter sport so for that adventure seeker this is the perfect activity.

If you are looking for more family friendly activities then head to the nearest frozen lake and try some ice skating. Whether you are just beginning or can land a triple toe loop this is one of the winter sports that everyone can enjoy. If you are looking to play in the snow work together to build a cheerful snowman or spend some time enjoying a rousing old fashioned snowball fight.

After you have had a fun filled day packed with winter sports of all kinds go inside and curl up by the fire with a nice steaming cup of hot cocoa. Get the family together and spend some quality time watching one of your favorite DVD’s. You can even whip up a batch of warm baked cookies to enjoy as well. One other way to warm up after a day outdoors is to relax in your indoor hot tub and let the cares melt away. For your next winter vacation head to Boyne Mountain and take part in the various winter sports that are available for loads of family fun.

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